The AGiW company was founded in 1977 and continues to operate on the Polish market in the metal industry. We deal not only with manufacture, but also services in the field of welding, installation and metal machining.

Today our leading products are asparagus knives. They are well known by farmers from both the Polish and the European market. The high quality and durability of our knives stems from many years of experience. The currently manufactured asparagus knife holds the patent certificate No. 174709.

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Why should you trust us?


Our knives are made of quality, forged and hardened steel. At the base they are finished with a handle made of beech wood, which guarantees high quality and durability of the tool. Thanks to the precise profiling of the entire knife and a properly cut-in blade, they allow its users to make precise cuts. The work becomes lighter because one no longer needs to dig deep the cut asparagus, which means that the asparagus and the stumps that grow next to do not get damaged in the process. The precision and accuracy of our knives is of great importance, as it has large impact on both the speed of work and the quality of the harvest.

These are multi-functional knives, so they can also be used in other field and gardening works. For example, they can be applied to remove weeds with a long root system, which often damage plantations, lawns and flower beds. After deep root cutting with our knives, the weed will not grow back, it is thus effectively and ecologically removed.

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We operate despite the pandemic

Despite the covid 19 pandemic, we are not slowing down with the manufacture of our knives in order to equip customers with the tools they need.

We launched our new website

Thanks to the cooperation with the NewsNet Journalist Agency, we have launched a new version of the website for our customers.


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